Helvetii works in close cooperation with Features Analytics. Delivering an Anomaly Detection System for Foreign Exchange and other Financial Markets.

Features Analytics brings years of experience in machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) technology. This technology can be applied to detect market abuse and abnormal effects in the FX Markets.

Principles have been developed and applied over many years in ultrasound imaging for cancer tissue characterization and are the building blocks that enabled to create the powerful eyeDES® technology and solutions

Helvetii brings decades of experience and expertise from the Foreign Exchange Markets and other Financial Markets. This includes analyzing the need for robust support within FX Management and the Trading and Sales business.

Adequate Governance Frameworks allow appropriate oversight, supervision, and controls by Senior Management. The need for precise detection is evident for all three lines of defense, meaning that independent control functions like Compliance & Audit also need to be equipped with unbiased detection tools.

The proprietary eyeDES® AI Technology delivers real-time unbiased detection and market intelligence. While at the same time analyzing market changes and any new trends developing in your data sets. The integrated Intelligent Assistant Tools and configurable Dashboards assist in reviewing individual cases quickly, providing reasons-why for the specific case to be reviewed.  eyeDES® Technology proposes an “Explainable AI” solution.

Bringing technology from the medical field into the Financial Markets. Why we believe this being very effective.

Cancer detection involves analyzing tens of millions of data points in a 3D ultrasound scan of an organ. The goal is to identify abnormal tissue with high sensitivity and specificity. It gives the patient an accurate diagnosis, by avoiding false positives and false negatives, with both having dramatic consequences.

eyeDES® integrates complex features, engineering methodologies used for cancer detection and applies them to Transaction Surveillance. With this, eyeDES® serves as “Guardian” of an FX Franchise with the highest precision and reliability.

The FX Code of Conduct has re-emphasized the need for strict surveillance and supervision around Foreign Exchange Market activity, with most professional firms supporting its views and statements.

Market Abuse Regulation (MAR) took effect on July 3rd, 2016 across the EU. With this set of new regulation, Financial Institutions operating in Financial Markets (Equities, FX, FI) are obliged to surveil their activities and to identify possible market abuse efficiently. Organized trading facilities are obligated to identify and reduce the risk of market abuse and must report suspicious activity to the Regulator. A suspicious transaction or order is one where there are ‘reasonable grounds’ to suspect it might constitute market abuse such as market manipulation.

eyeDES® helps to identify unwanted activities such as market manipulation, breach of the FX Code of Conduct or any other internal guidance. It is essential to have an AI system in place, which recognizes real cases with a low number of false positives, especially in such a high-volume market.

With the capability of evaluating trade data, market data and user data, while scoring up to 3000 transactions per second in real time, eyeDES® is equipped to perform its sophisticated algorithms, statistical analysis, and pattern detection during phases of extreme market activity.

Avoiding fines and penalties is one of the major effects of an appropriate use of AI Technology, such as eyeDES®.  Other benefits also include the ability to service clients fairly and productively, therefore building stronger and healthier relationships.

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