Data And Analytics

The collection of user data, position data, customer data and market data is an integral part of running a profitable and well-supervised operation.

Our broad experience in this area, allows us to offer the client a vast variety of solutions. Depending on objectives and goals, we will design and implement workflows to ensure adequate Analytics and Surveillance.

TCA –  Improve the quality of execution and the mitigation of risks.

Trade Surveillance – Detect abusive, collusive, or manipulative practices, fraud, and financial crime in an appropriate compliance framework.

Use of data for TCA

  • Customer activity and KPI’s
  • Trading activity
  • Market impact
  • Speed of response by LP and venues
  • Fill ratio by LP and venues
  • Cost of rejected trades
  • Highlight latency issues

Use of data for Trade Surveillance

  • Detect Insider Dealing
  • Detect Market Manipulation
  • Detect Front Running
  • Detect trading activity against the interest of clients
  • Detect sales activity against the interest of clients