Crypto Currencies

CryptoCurrencies, Coin and Tokens

 The speed of evolution is breath-taking.  Still, this New World demands old-fashioned Due-Diligence and care.

Cryptocurrencies allow anyone to freely exchange value and information without the need for third parties. Facilitating peer to peer exchange, without any central point of control. The underlying technology that makes this possible is known as blockchain or distributed ledger technology (DLT). Blockchains are decentralized computer networks, consisting of participants that verify, maintain and secure all transactions and changes made within the network.

In general, this new technology is pestered by a considerable hype and an ample amount of influencers, trying to push an individual product.

With the explosion of Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), we see massively increased interest in Blockchain Technology. Unfortunately, as in any other emerging Technology or Market, the amount of fraudulent actors and fraudulent behavior has massively risen in parallel. Therefore any product bought and any service accepted, needs to be closely examined and investigated. This counts for buying any CryptoCurrencies, Tokens, and Coins, as well as using services from CryptoExchanges, Storage Facilities and any other Services related to CryptoCurrencies, Tokens, and Coins.

We follow the developments closely, educate ourselves with courses, as MIT (Fintech: Future Commerce) and have built a network consisting of serious experts, specialists, and developers. Mainly concentrating on the exchange of Crypto Currencies and use cases of Blockchain technology.

Providing our unbiased service with particular emphasis on education and the transfer and exchange of Crypto- and traditional Fiat Currencies.