Liquidity Provider And Venue Selection

Guidance in a highly fragmented environment.

Strong relationships and an extensive network across different sectors of FX, allow us to quickly identify a selection of best-suited Liquidity Providers and Trading Venues to ensure an appropriate Liquidity Pool for the project. Price is not everything but an important part of the overall cost of execution. We assist our client in finding and connecting to the right partners in a highly fragmented trading environment.


Liquidity Provider Selection might include:

  • Tier 1 & 2 Banks
  • “Niche Players” in specific markets
  • High Frequency Market Makers

Venue Selection might include:

  • Multibank Platforms
  • Wholesale ECN
  • ECN with disclosed counterparties
  • ECN with undisclosed counterparties
  • ECN with Last Look policy
  • ECN with no Last Look policy
  • SEF – Swap Execution Facility
  • Dark Pools
  • P2P  Exchanges
  • Futures Exchanges
  • Online Brokers