The FX market has gone through structural changes, which need to be taken into consideration when accessing the market directly. Evolution will continue and therefore your setup should be geared to quickly adopt to future changes.

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Our experience and expertise reach across various areas of FX. We help you to find your custom solution to act in the FX Market faster and well-informed. We are neutral and do not push any vendors, venues or agendas.

While most of our work is around electronic trading and execution, our expertise and network cover the entire spectrum of currency trading.

We also support our clients in the following areas:

  • Setup or re-design of full FX Operations, geared towards the changing landscape in the FX Market.
  • Advise on hedging of large “one-off” FX trades
  • Investigate FX related financial transactions
  • Trade Surveillance
  • Support of Startups that are completely new to the world of Currencies.            

By focusing on the evolving Foreign Exchange Market and upcoming regulatory changes, we’re best positioned to help our buy-side and sell-side clients with the industry changes that lie ahead.

Please consult our Services page for more details.