Vendor Selection

Strong relationships and an extensive network across different sectors of FX, allow us to identify a selection of best fitting vendors quickly, and have them compete for the project. Allowing our client to make an informed and unbiased decision. Detailed examination of a supplier’s proven capabilities is a critical component of the entire process. Request for Information (RFI) and Request for Price (RFP) are an essential part of a successful vendor selection. Helvetii leads or assists clients in this process, while continuously focusing on the overall project as well as transaction and execution costs.

Once the selection process is complete, we work as an extension of the client to manage multiple vendors. We improve the return on investment by driving activities and coordinating internal and external groups to achieve the common goal.


Vendor selection can include:

  • Multibank Platforms
  • Aggregation & Connectivity vendors
  • Packaged solutions vendors
  • Data providers
  • TCA providers
  • Trade Surveillance providers
  • Algorithm programming