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Our Services

We bring deep functional expertise and practical experience from the front lines to our clients.
Providing consulting services that drive real impact and results.


Electronic Foreign Exchange Trading – Creating the solution that fits your needs

The FX market has gone through structural changes and will continue to shift. This needs to be taken into consideration when accessing the market directly.


AI - Bringing technology from the medical field into the Foreign Exchange Market

Why we believe in this being highly effective?

Complex and large datasets require deep analytics. Highest precision in diagnostics needs to be applied to dectect Anomalies and reduce False Positives.


CryptoCurrencies and Blockchain Technology

CryptoCurrencies and the emergence of ICOs. New ways to fund new and existing businesses.

Involvement and investments should only be considered with the necessary Due Diligence and care.

Our Philosophy

We are a Boutique Consulting Firm.

Our roots are in the Global Foreign Exchange Market, where we spent the majority of our professional lives. Our consulting services are based on decades of real-world experience and not on book reading and classroom teachings.

We offer neutral and unbiased advise in designing, building, changing, running, and managing FX Businesses.

Look at us as an external expert and talent pool, which you can call on at any time.

  • Are you looking for outside advice on a significant FX project or would you like somebody with a different angle, working with you on your challenges?
  • Are you looking for outside advice to improve your Trade Surveillance and Compliance activities?
  • Are you looking for outside advice in investing in CryptoCurrencies, Coins and Tokens as an new Asset Class?

We are your trusted outsider.  Contact us to discuss your challenges. We will work with you and your team,  maintaining strict confidentiality of each project, until the problem is solved and results made visible and measurable.

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Why We Are Your Best Choice


Involved in the FX Business since the mid 80’s, we have decades of knowledge and experience to bring to the table.


We like nothing more than to roll up our sleeves and wrap our minds around your challenge.


No agenda of pushing expensive or overly complicated products and solutions.


We are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of confidentiality on behalf of our clients.

Our Team

Our company name reflects deep roots in Switzerland, and we carry a high level of “Swissness” in our DNA. Addressing your challenges from a neutral angle; we work efficiently, punctually, precisely and reliably to develop quality solutions, geared for the future.